Rant: Why do we not Speak out against our own?




There was an article in the Huffington Post today stating that “Britain First Denounced by Every Major Christian Denomination in the UK.” It has quotes from representatives of each of the major denominations. The Church of England is quoted as ” They are deeply provocative, self-fulfilling, self-serving and not recognizably actions motivated by the Christian faith.” The Methodist Church said “We are deeply saddened when Christianity and the cross are abused to serve such extremist agenda.” “Lets get this straight. Britain First do not speak for Christians” said the Evangelical Alliance and  “Jehovah Witnesses follow the Bibles advice to respect everyone- regardless of their religious beliefs.” On and on it went…It was great to see the various and difference voices of Christianity denouncing this hate group. And make no mistake, Britain First is nothing more than a extremist hate group. They’re as “Christian” as the KKK. But that brings me to my thought reading this article..

..many of these denominations themselves vocally speak out against gay marriage and spew all kinds of venom towards the LGBT community on the whole. Where is the loud vocal and public condemnation against that? The Fellowship of Reconciliation pointed out that “Britain First do not represent Christian values. Particularly the core values to our faith, like nonviolence and love..” And its true. Those are core values. But why are they ignored, or at least  begrudgingly tolerated by so many when it comes LGBT people? Why are those that while they may not side with Britain First, still considered Christan when they promote hate and intolerance in other ways? Why do we see what passes as Christianity in the West with the homophobia, xenophobia, overt racism, discrimination towards the poor and persecution of the marginalized… and the laughable “theology” of the “Prosperity Gospel” go on without the Christian sense of Justice kicking in and screaming from the hilltops that this is wrong? Its actively harmful, its heretical and its decidedly unchristian. Why are we to pretend its otherwise? Has anyone that subscribes to this being “Christian” actually read their own gospels? That’s not me being flippant.  Its a serious question. Because in the Jesus encountered there,  was clearly and vocally and vehemently at odds with these things. I think Jesus, that could be fairly pointed and sharp tongued when the situation called for it, would respond with something like a “You brood of vipers!”(Matthew 12:34)  to them. Why is what is called “tolerance” practiced towards bigots that have no sense of what the core tenets of their faith they claim to subscribe to actually are? At the expense of many..Why do those that practice their faith to the best they can still quietly try bandage the wounds that our “Christian brethren” inflict on others, but our sense of justice doesn’t kick in sufficiently to proclaim from the hilltops that this is wrong? So wrong that we won’t stand for it. So wrong that like Jesus we will take up our cross and willingly be crucified along with the weak, and marginalized, persecuted and those without a voice if its necessary to try prevent it. Why as Dietrich Bonhoeffer said do we not “drive a spoke into the wheel itself”?


The FBI has white Christian Nationalist listed as a greater threat to National Security than Islamic Terrorism. In fact, they’ve killed more Americans in the last 10 years than Jihadists have. Yet we expect the condemnation against hate and intolerance and violence  to be publicly stated by every Muslim when there’s a terrorist attack . Where’s the Christian condemnation against hate and intolerance within its own house? Why are the extremists within Christianity (which is mainstream Christianity in the US today by the way)  simply “subscribing to a different theological interpretation” instead of being heretical hate groups? I don’t get it.